ARRI M18 HMI System with High-Speed Electronic Ballast ALF and DMX

  • Lensless MAX Technology
  • Runs on Most Domestic Sockets Worldwide
  • Cross-Cooling
  • Uses Existing 575/1200/1800 W cables
  • Can be Used with 1200W or 1800W Lamps
  • True Blue Tilt Lock
  • Cable, Ballast, Barndoors Included

This M18 HMI System with High-Speed Electronic Ballast ALF and DMXfrom ARRIi ncludes the M18 HMI Lamphead, a high-speed ballast, barndoors, and a 50′ head/ballast cable.

The M18 HMI lamphead combines MAX technology with True Blue features. MAX technology is an ARRI-patented reflector design that is lenseless, open-face, and bright with a focusing range of more than 35°. The M18 can be adjusted from 20° to 60° and has a 70% higher light output than a similarly sized 1200W PAR lamp head. For further control of the light’s spread, a set of barndoors is included with the system.

The M18 can use existing 575, 1200, or 1800W cables. It is designed for use with an 1800W lamp, but can also be used with a 1200W lamp and ballast as well. Cross-cooling allows the lamp head to be safely operated at any tilt angle, and the True Blue tilt lock is able to hold heavy light modifiers.

To power the light, this system includes the 1,200/1,800W high-speed electronic ballast with Active Line Filter and DMX control. ALF provides a higher Power Factor resulting in more efficient power use. This is accomplished by shifting the voltage and current waveforms in phase and minimizing harmonics and spikes. The ALF also minimizes the current carried back on the neutral leg of the power systems. A 50′ cable is provided to connect the head to the ballast.

Package Contents

  • M18 HMI Lamphead (220 VAC)
  • Head to Ballast Cable 575/1200/1800W – 50′
  • 4-Leaf Barndoor Set for ARRI T5 & ST2 Studio Fresnel
  • 1200/1800W High Speed Electronic Ballast

Additional Accessories