Astera FP1-SET – Titan Tube 8 Pack Set

The LED Titan Tube from Astera was specifically designed for the film, broadcasting and cinema industries.  It is optimized for a very high TLCI, a very high CRI and peak brightness.

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The Astera Titan Tube was specifically designed for the film, broadcasting, and cinema industries.  The Titan Tube is optimized for an ultra-high TLCI, a very high CRI, and peak brightness.  Colors as well as hue, saturation and intensity can be set directly on the tube.  The Titan Tube accepts wired DMX via a special power/combination cable.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Astera Titan Tube charging case
  • 8 x Titan Tube
  • 16 x Spigots
  • 16 x Aluminum Holders
  • 16 x Cotter pin
  • 16 x Eye Bolts
  • 8 x Small Kick Stand

Additional Accessories