OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini Cine Set

  • Equipped with a 1:1.8 Cine Handwheel
  • Gear Drive Ratio of 1:0.75
  • Produces Shorter Pull
  • Double-Sided
  • Low-Profile Bridge / No Swing Arm
  • Lens-Adjustable Sliding Dovetail Design
  • Offset Wheel Allows Optimal Mark Viewing
  • Compatible with Select 15/19mm Systems

The OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini Cine Set is a follow focus system equipped with a CFF-1 Studio Cine Handwheel and a double-sided design that accommodates an optional hard stop handwheel.

The Dual Mini attaches to a lens by sliding dovetail and is adjustable thus to various lens diameters. Its main bridge is very low-profile and has a gear drive ratio of 1:0.75, which produces 270° of rotation for every 360° that the handwheel is turned (affording longer, more exacting pull on limited-rotation still lenses).