Dedolight PanAura Octodome 5 Daylight Light Kit – HMI

Product Highlights

  • 1x DLH400S 400W HMI Soft Light & Lamp
  • 1x PanAura 5′ Octodome
  •  function Hot Restrike
  • function PFC (power factor correction)
  • IP23 protection when used in horizontal position.
  • protects against overheating, overload, overheating, and short circuit.
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The Dedolight DLH400S is is a dedicated 400/575-watt HMI soft light. When used with a Dedoflex, Photoflex, or Chimera softbox, it provides two times the light output when compared to any softbox mounted to a Fresnel fixture. It provides perfectly even light distribution. It is designed to work with the Dedolight ballast (DEB400), which is available separately. Included, is an integral Speed Ring for Dedoflex medium, and Octadome softboxes. Hot-restrike socket; fixture has auto-cut-off when protective tube is missing or damaged.

Package Contents

  • 400W HMI Soft Light Head
  • Integral Speed Ring Adapter
  • Power Cable
  • Hi-Temp Pouch for DLH400S
  • Electronic Ballast for DLH400D
  • PanAura Octodome (5′)
  • Soft Case for PanAura 5 HMI kit

Additional Accessories