GF-QUad Dolly

Product Highlights

  • provides front, rear and 4-wheel inverted steering
  • removable steering rod with stepless angle adjustment folds flat for compact storage
  • quick mount Levelling Legs
  • quick release pneumatic, track or skateboard wheels (no tools)
  • removable, telescopic push bar
  • fits through doorways with ease (width only 74 cm / 29“)
  • lockable steerage transmission for perfect straight moves or reproduction of circle shots
  • lightweight, stable design (24 kg / 52 lbs platform weight)
  • constructed of the highest quality CNC machined parts with Hart Coat ® finish.

The GF-Quad Dolly has become the preferred light dolly for many camera operators and grips. It’s designed to provide the ultimate in mobility and versatility. With its 3-way steering system the GF-Quad manoeuvres on small sets like no other platform dolly.